The ArboraNano Network was governed by a Board of Directors, Management Team and Scientific Committee.

Board of Directors

The membership of the Board reflected the interests and concerns of the public, private and academic sectors involved in ArboraNano.  Chaired by Pierre Lapointe of FPInnovations, the Board was comprised of representatives from the Network’s Funding Members, universities and governmental organizations, as well as independent members.

Management Team

The Management Team reported to the Board and assumed responsibility for the efficient and effective functioning of all aspects of the Network. The Management Team consisted of the Network Director, Dr. Ron Crotogino, the Scientific Director, Dr. Nicole A. Poirier,  and the Communnications Coordinator, Lisa Braidwood.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee included four Product Platform Leaders from the Aerospace, Automotive, Forestry and Medical industries and four Research Theme Leaders who represented Coatings, Composites, Fundamentals and Processing. The Product Platform Leaders represented the interests of ArboraNano’s industrial partners by identifying the high-priority product development opportunities for their respective industrial sectors while, the Research Theme Leaders identified, within their own area of scientific specialization, the research activities that were required to attain the product development objectives identified by the Product Platform Leaders.



ArboraNano was supported by the federal government through a Networks of Centers of Excellence program.
Founding Members: