Founding Members


ArboraNano was supported by the federal government through a Business-Led Networks of Centers of Excellence program and was realized thanks to the combined efforts and resources of its founding members; FPInnovations and NanoQuébec.

FPInnovations - ArboraNano Founding Member

FPInnovations is the world’s largest private, not-for-profit forest research institute with over 600 employees throughout Canada. FPInnovations has developed a world-class reputation based on the excellence of its research programs in Pulp & Paper, Wood Products, and Forestry Engineering.

FPInnovations works towards optimizing the forest sector value chain. It capitalizes on Canada’s fibre attributes and develops new products and market opportunities within a framework of environmental sustainability. FPInnovations aims to strengthen the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness through research, knowledge transfer and implementation in order to achieve leadership through innovation.

NanoQuébec – ArboraNano Founding Member

NanoQuébec, a not-for-profit corporation organization whose principal funding partners are MDEIE (Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation) and Canada Economic Development, plays a central role in the structuring and planning efforts in nanotechnology in Québec.

NanoQuébec's mission is to strengthen innovation in nanotechnology in order to ensure solid and sustained economic growth for Quebec and Canada.

Since 2001, NanoQuébec has been providing significant financial support to promote the use of Quebec’s major nanotechnology infrastructures by the entire scientific and industrial community. The province’s central key research facilities serve over 1,900 users, including nearly 250 industrial users, and are run by over 115 technicians and professionals. NanoQuébec’s financial support helps stabilize the facilities’ operational funding. Thanks to their permanent teams, the facilities are available more often and more frequently used than they otherwise might be.



ArboraNano was supported by the federal government through a Networks of Centers of Excellence program.
Founding Members: